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LCI Melbourne’s learning environment encourages creativity and experimentation. Our campus is designed to create a strong sense of belonging and a welcoming experience where people thrive and creativity is liberated.

 Student work is on public display throughout the campus, the public art gallery regularly hosts external exhibitions and the student lounge is always stocked with free tea and coffee to encourage conversation and exchange of ideas. If you require a quiet study or making space, we have dedicated spaces to do that too.

The LCI Melbourne campus has a range of facilities to support students’ creative learning including mac computer labs with industry software, a photographic cyclorama, personal studio spaces for visual arts, adaptable life drawing studio and interior design materials library.

A Vibrant Location

LCI Melbourne is based in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood, known for its creative energy and ‘cool’ quotient, within a city that is globally regarded as a ‘design hot spot’.

Close to leading galleries, design studios and some of the city’s up and coming designers and creators, Collingwood surrounds students with instant access to contemporary ideas and inspiration.

Wrapped within a few city blocks and intersected with numerous winding laneways, students will discover galleries, fashion houses, cafes, homeware stores, design studios, photography suppliers, and advertising and creative agencies.

This precinct is home to new and emerging designers and artists which provides not only inspiration and materials to be a great artist or designer but also the networks for future employment.

The History

In 2018, LCI Melbourne relocated its campus to a warehouse in the iconic Foy & Gibson precinct at 150 Oxford Street, Collingwood.

Foy & Gibson was one of Melbourne’s earliest department store chains, designing and producing a range of clothing, millinery and furniture in their magnificent 19th and early 20th century complex of factories, warehouses and showrooms.

Today, behind our heritage-listed façade, you will find a spacious campus with a light-filled atrium, modern learning studios and a public art gallery with a regular calendar of industry exhibitions.