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Bachelor of Design Arts applicants are required to participate in an Admission Consultation. During this process, applicants may choose to showcase a portfolio of their creative work.

The purpose of the Admission Consultation is to determine which area of study is the best fit for you. The focus of the consultation is less on your current level of ability, or even the work you have completed in the past. It is focused more on understanding your motivations for study and your potential to benefit from your chosen course.

During the consultation, we will focus on:

  • Your background, your interests, and why you're interested in studying at LCI Melbourne.
  • Guiding you in choosing the right area of study that aligns with your educational background and passions.
  • Providing you with all the information you need about our curriculum and the support services available to you as a student at LCI Melbourne.

Get ready to showcase your creativity and let's explore how we can help you reach your academic and career goals!

International students will have their Admission Consultation conducted by one of our local Academic Mentors or global Admissions Advisors. If you are residing in Australia, you will have to option to attend your Admission Consultation in person. If you are looking for information on entry requirements and how to apply, please see our Selection Criteria.

Please contact us if you require assistance preparing for your Admission Consultation.

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