Emma Michaelis

Major program: Visual Arts

I will be officially taking over from Belinda Wiltshire as Curator from the beginning of 2017 although I am already doing all admin aspects of the upcoming calendar now and have been over the past few months. I am super excited about the artists I have selected to exhibit with Tinning Street Presents in 2017 and feel very lucky to have been able to choose interesting works over saleability which would be limiting in a commercial gallery.

Tinning Street is privately owned and operated, I have exhibited with the Gallery three times since 2012 and have stayed around in the capacity of volunteer and generally as a helping hand or support to Belinda during openings or big installs over the years. I also work as a framer with one of the owners of Tinning and have formed a solid relationship with the space and the three main people who run it which is ultimately why I was offered the role (also because I have the ability to do the job obviously!). I guess this has been a form of networking although it has certainly happened naturally over the years.

I will be uploading upcoming exhibition details on the website soon but the first show is a very exciting one for me. I have been able to personally curate a group exhibition of 6 of my favourite female sculpture and installation artists from Melbourne so I am very excited to launch the year in such a big way. It's titled "The distance between things" and will be opening on the 19th of January.

For those who want to know more, and keep track of the great exhibitions on in the Tinning Street Presents space, click here!

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