Major in Visual Art

Bachelor Degree (BD)
An artist in contemplation, amidst a serene studio space, crafting his vision on canvas.


Unleash your artistic vision in a nurturing studio, where autonomy reigns and originality thrives. Explore diverse mediums, embracing personal growth. Immerse yourself in tradition, mastering techniques, and delve into contemporary methods. Your creative journey unfolds, enhancing visual literacy and igniting inspiration.
Next session starts September 16, 2024
2 years (6 trimesters, 1152 hours)
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A composed young woman with long hair sits casually yet confidently on a colorful chair, wearing a grey sweater and yellow pants, exuding a professional ease.
You never know what opportunities await.  
Discovering new perspectives, friendships and newfound passion by Olivia Corrigan.
A sketched portrait of a contemplative face with an abstract halo overhead and disconnected words on the side, suggesting introspection.
Thriving in a community of fellow creatives.
My artistic identity, personal development and how my work has evolved by Ben Edwards.
A cheerful woman in a beige blazer stands in an art studio, arms crossed, with abstract art and sketches in the background.
Dedication, commitment and a lot of fun. 
How Visual Arts mentor prepares students for the creative industry by Brigit Heller.  
Students and staff engage in casual conversation on the amphitheater stairs of a modern atrium at LCI Melbourne Campus, surrounded by greenery and urban design.

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