We want to make the Creative Interview as easy as possible, as we know it can be a stressful experience for some.

Our Creative Interview is a two-way, informal discussion about your ambitions, interests and any relevant work experience. It is an opportunity for you to showcase a selection of your best creative work. You will be interviewed by one or two people, who will talk to you about your work and aspirations.

International students will have their Creative Interview conducted by one of our local Academic Mentors or global Admissions Advisors. If you are residing in Australia, you will have to option to attend your Creative Interview in person. If you are looking for information on entry requirements and how to apply, please see our Selection Criteria.

Please contact us if you require assistance preparing for your Creative Interview.

The Portfolio

Your portfolio should demonstrate a range of creative and technical skills. The main priority in curating your work for the portfolio is to show us some of your best creative outcomes and to demonstrate foundational skills that may assist you with your creative education.

It may include some of the following:

  • Graphic design and photographic work,
  • Drawings, paintings and/or sculpture,
  • Fashion drawings, sketchbooks and/or images of garments,
  • Video, animation, and/or motion work,
  • 3D prototypes, floor plans and/or,
  • Interactive work (i.e., websites, apps, games).

The Creative Portfolio should be presented as based on following specifications:

  • Documents (6-8 pieces of creative work): Physical folio or PDF/Microsoft PowerPoint,
  • Video: MP4 or MOV (Maximum of 1GB per video.

You can include work that is not discipline specific for entry into any of our majors. For example, show us your series of paintings if you are wanting to study Fashion & Costume Design or your fashion illustrations for Interior Design. 

We do not expect professional quality for your entry portfolio. You should organise your work in a way that makes it easy for you to present.

The creative pre-selection task

If you do not have a Creative Portfolio, you have the option to complete a Creative Pre-Selection Task. This is designed for you to demonstrate your potential for creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, and passion for art and design.

If you require a Creative Pre-Selection Task, please contact us and an Admissions Advisor will send this to you approximately 5 days before your Creative Interview.

What we look for in your portfolio

  • Varied developmental ideas including drawings and sketches (any media the applicant prefers),
  • Evidence of development of ideas towards design or arts output,
  • Use of various media aligned to their field of practice,
  • Any work in preferred field demonstrating enthusiasm for the subject,
  • Evidence of an understanding of what the program offers,
  • A concise portfolio indicating self-curation and critical ability.


The Interview

The Creative Interview allows our advisors to gauge what foundational skills you have developed, while also giving you the opportunity to discuss your processes, career prospects and interest in art and design education at a higher level.

What happens at creative interviews

  • Individual interviews (approx. 15-30 mins) at appointed times
  • In the interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss (a) your field of interest, (b) why you would like to study at LCI Melbourne and (c) why you want to be a designer or artist.

Typical discussion points

  • Why have you chosen this program?
  • Why do you want to be a designer or artist?
  • What is your design process and what influences your work?
  • Are there particular designers that inspire or influence you?
  • What are your career aspirations?

What we are looking for at a creative interview

  • Ability to research a variety of concepts and arrive at a design solution or visual art outcome.
  • Demonstration of an enthusiasm for design and arts.

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