Scott Nenadovich

Scott's path since graduating

Growing up, Scott’s grandfather told him that the meaning of “Nenadovich” is “No hoper.” Whilst ‘Scott No Hope’ makes a great pun, it’s hardly reflective of Scott’s creative abilities. Perhaps his name means Scott “all the ideas,” Scott “a way with words” or maybe even Scott “a fighting chance at finding full-time work after Uni"

It probably doesn’t, but it would make a great biography for his grad show student bio.

About Scott

Scott was part of the team shortlisted for the 2016  Big Idea, national creative advertising competition.  We see big things as a part of Scott's future which has seen him nominated for the Design Institute of Australia's Graduate of the Year.  Scott and former classmate are looking to take the Advertising world by storm as a creative duo and we see big things in both their futures!

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