Major in Filmmaking and Photography

Bachelor Degree (BD)
A young photographer gazes intently, aligning his creative vision through the lens of his camera.


Master visual storytelling by honing your digital photography skills, capturing the essence of moments in the studio and reality. Embark on a creative journey, weaving captivating narratives through moving images. Unleash your potential with digital effects and animation, breathing life and depth into your creations.
Next session starts September 16, 2024
2 years (6 trimesters, 1152 hours)
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A man with shoulder-length hair and a relaxed stance, wearing a green jacket and beaded necklace, stands in an art studio.
Opening new creative avenues. 
At LCI, I wasn’t just another number by Felix Schofield.  
A mature man holding a camera stands in a modern office with lush greenery in the background.
Dean’s unique approach? Hands-on learning.  Fast tracking students towards a career in the creative industry. 
Students and staff engage in casual conversation on the amphitheater stairs of a modern atrium at LCI Melbourne Campus, surrounded by greenery and urban design.

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