Major in Graphic and Digital Design

Bachelor Degree (BD)
A graphic designer intently works on a typography project in a creative office space.


Expand your visual horizons and master visual communication across print, branding, typography, packaging, and digital design. Blend theory with practice as you harmonise words and images. Craft captivating brand narratives through compelling visuals, ignite your imagination, transcend limitations, and create visual wonders that leave a lasting impact.
Next session starts June 3, 2024
2 years (6 trimesters, 1152 hours)
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Vibrant 3D text "TYPE" with a smooth, glossy finish, set against a pastel purple background, promoting a creative series.
Showcasing work and gaining exposure
Winning submission for the 2023 Ball & Doggett Design Competition by Maddison Bayliss.
Nurturing creative futures.  Understanding the unique needs and aspirations of students by Pari Mehr. 
Students and staff engage in casual conversation on the amphitheater stairs of a modern atrium at LCI Melbourne Campus, surrounded by greenery and urban design.

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