LCI Graduate Sullivan Kovacs Shines at Paris Fashion Week

Read all about Sullivan Kovacs' remarkable journey from LCI Melbourne's Fashion & Costume Design course to the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. Discover how mentors' support and freedom led Sullivan to showcase her graduate collection on the global stage in 2023, marking a transformative moment in her career.
A model confidently walks down the runway in a layered, earth-toned ensemble, showcasing a modern and sculptural fashion statement.
Next stop, Paris Fashion Week! For Sullivan Kovacs, she never imagined she would be preparing herself to be a part of one of the biggest fashion weeks in the world. Her journey to this extraordinary moment is a testament to her passion, determination and the nurturing environment of our Fashion & Costume Design course.

Sullivan had previously studied at three other universities where her studies felt disconnected from practical applications. At LCI, everything made sense for her. "It's what my mother referred to as applied learning. I could take what I learned and actually apply it to my life, to some sort of growth, to some sort of outlet, which I loved."

Sullivan highlights how the mentors’ gave her the freedom to develop and fully conceptualise her collections, which allowed her to transform her ideas and feel encouraged along the way. Sullivan describes her mentors approach as "If you love it, we'll support it,".

In 2023, Sullivan worked on an extension of her graduate collection to display at Paris Fashion Week, reflecting the skills and creativity she honed at LCI. She presents herself as a conceptual fashion and costume designer, seamlessly merging art and fashion.

A model in a flowing gown strides confidently during a luxurious fashion show. A model strides confidently through a grand hallway, her flowing dark ensemble a modern twist on classic couture. A model showcases a textured lavender outfit with a delicate bodice, merging poise with avant-garde style. Draped in a flowing gown with ethereal layers, the model exudes a timeless grace in the grand hallway. With bold stride in a vintage-inspired ensemble, a model carries the allure of a bygone era with a modern twist.

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