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Q&A With LCI Melbourne Alumni

Hear from Kie Sunderland about their journey and experience completing a double major at LCI Melbourne.

We recently sat down with LCI Melbourne alumni, Kie Sunderland who graduated with a Bachelor of Design Arts with a double major in Visual Art and Graphic & Digital design. 

Why did you choose to study at LCI? 

When I was in Year 12, I went to a VCE expo and I received so many brochures for all the creative schools. Although I initially dismissed the idea of university, in my gap year I rediscovered a few brochures which sparked my interest. LCI Melbourne stood out to me for its campus and program structure, ultimately drawing me in.  


What is one thing you loved about LCI? 

The vibrant atmosphere at LCI Melbourne is unmatched. The relationship between students and mentors as well as the physical environment is just amazing. I made a lot of different friends throughout my course and thought it was a very nurturing and creative environment where I was pushed to create great work but also socialise.  

Kie Sunderland's Journey Discovering New Hobbies

What was the most memorable project you worked on? 

While working on a graphic design project, I unexpectedly discovered a passion for zine-making. What started as a small assignment evolved into a full-fledged creative pursuit, leading me to explore new avenues of expression and creativity. I have started a small business still making zines now. I have found a community and am pumping them out all the time so I think if I didn’t do it for that project, I wouldn’t have found this passion that I now have. 

How did your journey studying two majors shape your creative practice? 

Initially I intended to pursue visual arts, however I discovered my passion for graphic design during my first trimester. After exploring various majors, I made the decision to switch paths and delve into graphic design. However, I later returned to visual arts as a sub-major, allowing me to explore both disciplines throughout my degree. Graphic design introduced me to a new realm of technicality and computer-based work, while visual arts provided an outlet for intuitive and creative expression.  








Creative Growth.

How have the mentors inspired and encouraged you? 

The best thing that my mentors did for me was to see right through me and tell me what I needed to hear. A lot of the time I wanted to make a safe choice or submit something just to be done with it and take the easy way out, but the mentors always encouraged me to put more work in and make something that I would really be proud of that showed off my abilities. The mentors here really pushed me and they knew I was capable of doing more. 

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