Intermission: A mid-way point of the Bachelor Design Arts

This exhibition showcases our students’ evolving creative journeys as they influence the future of art and design. 

'Intermission’ launches.

The opening night of 'Intermission' buzzed with energy as the LCI Melbourne Gallery filled with members of our community. Students worked collaboratively to transform the space alongside Filmmaking & Photography mentor, Dean Golja and curator, GG Ward. 

Celebrating artistic growth.

The artworks featured in ‘Intermission’ not only reflect the students' technical skills, but also a deepened understanding of conceptual exploration and artistic expression. Visual Arts, Graphic & Digital Design and Fashion & Costume Design students have works included in the show, marking a significant milestone in their artistic development.  

Charlotte Eizenberg, Visual Arts student, shares her journey with LCI as she hits the halfway point of her degree. “LCI have provided an experience where I have gained a lot of confidence and I have seen parts of myself I didn't expect. It’s about seeing what's possible and what you're capable of.”

Looking ahead

As our students progress to the second half of their Bachelor of Design Arts, ‘Intermission’ serves as a promising glimpse of what is yet to come. These students will continue to make significant contributions to the dynamic landscape of art and design, driven by the encouragement of their mentors to consistently explore new ideas and push boundaries. Explore the exhibition in the LCI Melbourne Gallery until July 3rd. 

Images by Eli Christopher. 

Open Nights | LCI Melbourne, 150 Oxford St, Collingwood, 3066

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