Jodie Musto honored with LCI Education Teaching Excellence Award

Jodie Musto, a senior interior design academic at LCI Melbourne, has been recognised for her exceptional dedication to innovative and sustainability-focused education, with an LCI Education Teaching Excellence Award.

Empowering students through sustainable and innovative Interior Design education

Jodie aligns her teaching methods with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ensures students understand the profound impact of design choices on our planet and communications. Her classroom is not just a space for learning, it is a nurturing environment where students feel valued, respected and inspired. 

“It’s such an honour to receive this award,” Jodie said

“It's a privilege to help students as they explore their self-expression and creativity through the interior design discipline. I am dedicated to guiding students towards meaningful projects, helping them discover what truly resonates so that they can design within a strong social and personal context.” 

By leveraging industry-relevant technology, embracing innovative tools and providing invaluable industry connections for her students, Jodie’s holistic approach empowers her students to become socially responsible designers, advocating for ethical practices. 

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